There are many threatening acts a person can do to ignite fear in someone’s heart. Because of this people have the rights to protect themselves by requesting a protective order from a court.

A protective order is a Civil Order signed by a judge prohibiting certain contact and conduct between parties who have had a domestic relationship. The victim may ask for a 50-B Order without notifying the other party just by going to the Magistrate. It is not considered to be in effect until the other party has received a copy of it, usually served by the Sheriff. After service, the Order is in effect for 10 days until a hearing is held before a judge where the other party can challenge the allegations and argue why it should not be put into effect for one year.Protective Orders

Why do you need a lawyer for this type of case? Not only will the judge prohibit the alleged assailant from having certain contact with the victim or their family, but the judge may also order other things such as: custody, visitation, monetary support, possession of the home and can prohibit the possession of firearms by the assailant among others.

This Order is punishable by contempt. To disobey the assailant risks going to jail and having a criminal conviction. Don’t try to resolve the situation, get an experienced attorney on your side to assert your rights, keep you safe and guide you through the complex legal system. Call us today to schedule your consultation.