Juvenile Criminal Defense

When children are arrested for a criminal offense, they face a different array of penalties and procedures than adult offenders. It’s vital that you secure legal representation for your child before he or she speaks with criminal investigators. Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced in handling juvenile cases. While youthful offenders don’t typically face the harsh penalties adult offenders encounter, there is still a lot at stake for your arrested son or daughter. Even if a child’s case stays in juvenile court it can result in substantial fines and confinement, all depending on the seriousness of the offense. Parents of offending juveniles can also bear some accountability. A parent may be held responsible for damages to the victim in a separate civil court action. These cases often turn on knowledge of the child’s behavior, or similar behavior in the past. If your child is facing charges as a juvenile, you need the skilled legal representation of The Law Firm. Call us today for a consultation.

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