Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an act of violence towards a spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. These incidents can take place only once or many times over the years. Often, when one of the spouses decide to file for divorce, there are ongoing conflicts regarding division of assets or child custody, the negative feelings towards the other spouse leads to violence. There are also situations when a spouse continues to live with an abusive partner, because of the fear of violence. In these situations, legal help can be used to file a divorce and get restraining orders against the abusive partner or spouse. It is normally believed that domestic violence only covers physical abuse, but that is not true. Domestic violence also covers any sexual abuse, or emotional abuse.

If you have been living in an abusive marriage, and have decided to seek legal help to end the marriage and start a more stable life, come talk to us. We help clients file divorce, and get the legal protection against the possible reaction of their spouse. We are here to answer your questions about starting the legal process of filing a divorce and starting a new life. Schedule your consultation today and let us help you take the right steps for the sake of your future and the sake of your children.

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