Parents decide how to raise their children. They make the choices of schools, religion, the types of food they eat and even the medical treatments they receive. In a relationship, the legal parents make these decisions together. Parental RightsHowever, when parents separate, there can sometimes be conflicting issues as to how the child will be raised. Never forget that in these situations you have parental rights. The best way to protect those rights is to hire an experienced attorney. We’ll advocate for your parental rights and consider other means of dispute resolution, including mediation. We have the skill, knowledge, experience, and resources to customize your legal solution. We will work with parents on either side of a dispute to protect your rights until all legal issues are resolved.

If your child’s other biological parent has not been involved in your child’s life for a certain period of time or has not paid child support, or failed to do other things then his/her rights to the child may be subject to termination. Call today for a consultation.